Tapioca Meal

Tapioca starch is highly nutritious. Tapioca Kappi Flour is also a perfect animal feed supplement and is widely demanded for feeding cattle and poultry. The tapioca meal we offer is a high energy supplement enriched with carbohydrates, but it is low in protein and minerals.


Tapioca residue is a good feed for early lactation; it is used along with high protein ingredients in the cattle feed under balanced ratio. It is easy to diet too. For calves around 15% can be fed, dairy cows 20 to 25% and up to 40% for fattening bulls.

  • Cattle Feed
Product Specification Sheet:
Product Name Cassava Meal, Tapioca Meal, Manioc Meal
Description Tapioca residue are made from the residue of tapioca obtained during extraction of starch from the roots of the Tapioca Plant
Producers India, Vietnam, Thailand, Nigeria
Parameter Percentage
Proteins 3 %
Fiber 15 %
Starch 45 %
Moisture 13 %
Ash 3 %
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