Rapeseed Meal

Rapeseed is primarily cultivated for animal feed due to its very high lipidic and medium proteinic content. It has a high protein content and good amino acid composition. Rape seed consist of about 40 % of oil. Canola is a specific variety of rapeseed bred to have low erucic acid content.


Rapeseed meal is used basically in animal feed due to its protein content of 36-38%. Rape seed meal is a high-protein animal feed. The feed is mostly employed for cattle feeding, but also for hogs and poultry.

  • Animal Feed – Cattle, Hogs, Poultry
  • Biodiesel
Product Specification Sheet:
Product Name Rapeseed Meal, De-oiled Rapeseed cake, rapeseed
Description Rapeseed meal is a by–product from a multistage extraction of oil from the rapeseed
Producers India, Europe, China, Canada, Germany, France
Parameter Percentage
Proteins 40 %
Fiber 12 %
Moisture 10 %
Sand / Silica 2.5 %
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