Quality Policy

We are a quality conscious organisation and thus pay immense emphasis on the quality of our feeds. We are driven by perfection in every possible aspect.

We focus on using best quality raw material. To ensure it,
we adopt a Quality Management System (QMS) based on

Bureau of Indian Standards
National Dairy Development Board

Quality feeds are enriched with specific proportion of protein and energy content. Our feed undergoes total mixed ration that involves mixing together of all feed ingredients and meals.

Our animal feed is monitored at each stage starting from production till packaging and we invariably assure we preserve a graph on its nutritional value. Each and every raw material and their finished products are subject to stringent quality control analysis. Only the finished products that meet our quality standards are dispatched to the market. Our quality control engineers conduct thorough tests to check that the feeds are safe for the animals. Proper proportioning of ingredients leads to rich quality output with acceptable hardness and dissolving limits.

We guarantee for the development of high milk yield and animal’s fitness, stress-free environment, good frame size, muscle thickness, condition and overall wellbeing.

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