Dairy Cattle Feed

Dairy animals are characterized by lean, fairly bony frames with jutting hipbones and more pendulous udders. Its purpose is to convert forage and concentrate feed into a high quality milk product.


To achieve profitable milk production, it is important to feed dairy cow with sufficient amounts of nutritionally balanced diets. Dairy cows need to consume a lot of feed to achieve the levels of production expected. At peak production, dairy cow requires 3 to 10 times as much as protein and energy.

RS Bypass Protein Master
  • For dairy cattle yielding more than 20 lts milk per day containing high protein.
  • It gives remarkable quality of milk with an incredible yield in aggregate and extended herd health.
  • Providing more than 60 % of protein as rumen bypass protein to meet amino acids requirement.
  • Minimize rumen ammonia level and improve reproductive efficiency of cows.
Feed Composition:
Nutrients Level (% DM Basis)
Dry Matter (Max) 11
Crude Protein (Min) 24
UDP (Min)* 14
RDP (Min)* 10
Crude Fibre (Max) 7
Crude Fat (Min) 2
Energy (ME, Kcal/kg)* 2700
RS Milk Cow Booster
  • For dairy cattle yielding 12-20 lts milk per day.
  • It supplies degradable nitrogen along with minerals to rumen microbes for its growth.
  • Providing 60 % of protein as rumen bypass protein to supply amino acids.
  • Maximize feed intake by improved rumen digestion.
Feed Composition:
Nutrients Level (% DM Basis)
Dry Matter (Max) 11
Crude Protein (Min) 22
UDP (Min)* 12
RDP (Min)* 10
Crude Fibre (Max) 7
Crude Fat (Min) 2
Energy (ME, Kcal/kg)* 2700
RS Dairy Cow Classic
  • For dairy cattle yielding less than 12 lts milk per day.
  • It supplies both rumen degradable nitrogen and available energy in the rumen along with minerals.
  • Providing more than 50 % of protein as rumen degradable protein to enhance microbial protein synthesis even at poor quality roughage feeding.
  • Maximize feed intake and maintain good animal health and reproductive performance.
Feed Composition:
Nutrients Level (% DM Basis)
Dry Matter (Max) 11
Crude Protein (Min) 18
UDP (Min)* 9
RDP (Min)* 9
Crude Fibre (Max) 5
Crude Fat (Min) 3
Energy (ME, Kcal/kg)* 2500
Benefits to humans:

Cow Milk: Herbal remedy, Ayurvedic Oils (Ksheerabala Taila), Shirodhara treatment and Panchakarma treatment. Cows are used in innumerable ways in Ayurveda. Cow’s milk has several benefits to the human body. In India, cows have been considered sacred for years.


We provide feed labelling over each packing bag, which is embedded with information regarding the nutritional information, list of essential ingredients and a guaranteed analysis.

Feeding Details & Tips to raise a Cow:
  • Provide plenty of fresh, clean water at all times.
  • Provide high-quality hay and forage.
  • Keep all feeding utensils, equipment and calf pens clean. Promptly remove stale or moldy feed.
  • Feed at the rate of 2% to 2.5% of bodyweight.
  • Do not exceed 50% of total daily dry matter intake.
  • Start with a healthy calf that has the potential to develop the desirable characteristics that judges want.
  • Be consistent with your feeding program.
  • Feed at the same time each day and increase feed volume gradually as the calf grows.
  • Exercise your calf consistently and patiently to improve disposition and control in the show ring and enhance showmanship skills.
  • Check weight gains at regular intervals and adjust daily feeding rate as needed to ensure weight targets are reached.

Feed is perishable. Store feed in a clean, cool and dry location. Storage area should be free of insects and rodents. Do not allow animal's access to feedstuffs directly that could generate sign of insects or rodent infestation. Do not allow animal’s access to hot or moldy feedstuffs at any time.

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