Corn Cob Meal

Corn cob is highly nutritious and also contains high amount of energy. It is an excellent animal feed. We process the corn cob at our facility. The raw materials are collected and then run on a conveyor belt to remove off garbage and all the extra unwanted matter. Once it is cleaned, it is chopped into small pieces of different sizes. It is then collected by the separator.


To dry out the corn cob meal completely, we conduct evaporation. It sucks out the moisture completely. Once this is done, it is powdered and pressed into a block and then packed securely. It is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, iron, fats, dietary fibers and proteins. It can be fed to the cattle in either mash or pellet form. It can also be concentrated with other ingredients in order to facilitate a balanced diet for the cattle.

  • Animal feed
  • substrate for mushroom cultivation
  • carrier for veterinary medicine and feed additives
  • Source of fuel energy
Product Specification Sheet:
Product Name Corn Cob Powder
Description Corn Cob meal is the processed form of corn cobs, that is the central portion of the maize ear, after the corn cereal is removed. Consists of outer soft and inner tough portion.
Producers Vietnam, Indonesia, Argentina, India
Parameter Percentage
Proteins 2.5%
Fat 0.2 %
Fiber 36 %
Moisture 12%
Ash 2%
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