Buffalo Calf Feed

RS Calf Starter
  • For calves up to 4 months of age, to enhance calf growth and to spare buffalo milk for marketing.
  • Suggested to calves rearing for both breeding and slaughtering purpose.
  • Our conventional concentrated feed enriched with balanced amino acids and minerals.
  • Elevates large Frame Body Size, Muscle Thickness and Musculature in the growing calves which adequately increase body weight.
Feed Composition:
Nutrients Level (% DM Basis)
Dry Matter (Max) 11
Crude Protein (Min) 24
Crude Fibre (Max) 6
Crude Fat (Min) 3
Energy (ME, Kcal/kg)* 2780
RS Calf High Grow
  • For calves from 5 months to 12 months of age.
  • Enriched with Protein, Energy and Minerals to calves for higher growth.
  • Provides growth and performance enhancement to calves and Reduces rearing cost by higher weight gain through enhanced feed intake.
  • Improved frame size and muscle thickness by maintaining body weight, good temperature condition, hygienic exhibit, growth performance and health.
Feed Composition:
Nutrients Level (% DM Basis)
Dry Matter (Max) 11
Crude Protein (Min) 20
Crude Fibre (Max) 7
Crude Fat (Min) 3
Energy (ME, Kcal/kg)* 2750
Benefits to humans:

Meat: Rich in flavor, low in fat and high in protein, buffalo meat is an ideal substitute for beef in your favorite recipes.


We provide feed labelling over each packing bag, which is embedded with information regarding the nutritional information, list of essential ingredients and a guaranteed analysis.

Feeding Details & Tips to raise Buffalo:
  • Feed 2 times per day, at the same time each day.
  • Feed only what the calf or calves will completely eat before the next feeding. If feed is present at the next feeding, reduce the amount given. (Old feed sitting in a feeder or bunk may become moldy over just a day or two).
  • Keep hay available at all times and feed a little extra hay when their appetite seems unusually high.
  • Always have clean, fresh water available at all times.

Feed is perishable. Store feed in a clean, cool and dry location. Storage area should be free of insects and rodents. Do not allow animal's access to feedstuffs directly that could generate sign of insects or rodent infestation. Do not allow animal’s access to hot or moldy feedstuffs at any time.

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